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Photography is art, history, nature and a view of life from a unique perspective.

A great picture is special because it captures a moment in time, and in that instant that moment achieves immortality. We relive our wedding day when we leaf through the pages of our wedding book or album. In another album, our child will always celebrate their fifth birthday, even after our first grandchild is born. The ones that we have lost will live again in the images that we close to immortality as we can get.

For the photographer that freezes a wild animal in action, a stunning sunset, or a newly opened flower, there is an appreciation of knowing that no one else will ever capture exactly that shot. There is also a sense of awe, an acknowledgement of having been blessed to be in the right place at the right time.

It is my greatest pleasure to share that with you. For contracted work, my offer is to always bring that unique vision to every picture I capture providing you with lasting lifelong memories. If you are interested in a quote on a specific event, please drop me an email at Travel outside of Northeast Texas is negotiable for special events.

I am available for weddings, birthdays, graduations, retirements, or any special event that you would like captured in quality images. I can also provide corporate or municipal event coverage; such as reward ceremonies or parades with a variety of available merchandise.

Please feel free to browse through my galleries, many prints and assorted merchandise to grace your home or office is already available. Inspirational quotes or corporate logos can be added to any merchandise. Contact me through email for assistance with this type of transaction.

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